Wordsearch Puzzle Hints & Tips


Wordsearch books are one of the most popular types of puzzles. A wordsearch requires no math or logic skills whatsoever, it is simply a case of finding the words hidden in the grid.

Wordsearch Puzzle Tips:

  • Take time to scan the word list before starting to identify any words that start with the same letters, for example; “Pass” and “Passage”.
  • Look for the first letter of the word and scan the adjacent letters in the grid to see if the next letter of the word is found.
  • Look for double letters and less common letters such as J, K, Q, X, Y and Z in the word list.
  • Cross off the words in the list as you find them.


Words can be hidden in all 8 word directions: Up/Down, Left/Right, and 4 diagonal directions.

Words can cross other words but only share one letter.


Solutions to all puzzles are at the back of the book.

To make it easier to view the direction of the word the first letter is in bold type.

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